Zeichnung der Ziegelei Deppe, 1927
Ziegel mit individuelle Prägungen
Ziegelarbeiter der Ziegelei, 1937
Dr. Dirk Deppe
Detailansicht Ziegel

Deppe Backstein-Keramik is an outstanding, innovative brickmaker with a long family tradition. The Deppe family has been manufacturing bricks in Lemke, near Uelsen in the County of Bentheim since 1888.

Before August Deppe bought the factory at Deppe´s current location he had been running a brickworks in Bauerhausen near Uelsen. Today his great-great-grandson Dr. Dirk Deppe leads the medium-sized company. He joined the management team in 2005 after completing his degree and a doctorate, and has been sole managing director since 2009. Our bricks combine the know-how of five generations.

Deppe is not a sprawling conglomerate with lots of sites, but instead retains the charm of a family business, where everyone’s ideas are welcomed and everyone chips in wherever they are needed. A big part of our success is our staff, many of whom have been with the company for decades and who demonstrate their dedication and love of the company day in and day out. Take a look at our teams and their tasks in detail here.

The last decade in particular has seen some major investments aimed at enabling us to ma - nufacture new brick varieties and to make our production process more flexible and efficient. As a result, with a growing team of 70 people, Deppe Backstein-Keramik is producing more high quality brick than ever before. At full capacity, we are able to manufacture more than 25 million NF-size bricks per year.

Over the past few years Deppe has expanded ist export rate to 30 %, the Netherlands being the most important trading partner. One of Deppe´s main strengths is the variety of their products and their production flexibility. We can develop purpose-made bricks to your specifications.