Wir kreieren Formsteine nach Maß


Special shapes and custom sizes

Individual: on request we can develop purpose-made bricks to your specifications and offer individual blends and configurations, custom sizes, slips, special shapes and bespoke colours. Engravings are also possible. 

We manufacture:

-  Dovetails

-  inner and outer corners

-  bricks for window sills

-  bricks for reveals 

-  curved bricks

-  bricks for lintels

-  bricks for parapets and balustrades

-  purpose made forms and colours to your specifications

Our range of shaped stones is constantly being expanded with new shapes. Thus we have a large selection for your perfect façade design virtually at hand. And what doesn't fit just yet is made to fit by us. Where machine shaping is not possible, we can also produce the form you require by subsequent processing of the bricks or manual shaping.

Take advantage of our experience to fulfill your architectural requirements. We will be pleased to come up with the optimum solution for your facade with you.

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