Special bricks for precast constructions

Dovetail by Deppe Backstein awarded with design prize

The Deppe Dovetail water-struck bricks enable a resource-saving, economical and efficient use in precast constructions. In August 2020, the Dovetail received two awards at the Iconic Awards 2020. In both the Product and Innovative Material categories, the special brick was chosen as a winner. 

"We are very pleased about these awards, which confirm that brick is an innovative material with which solutions that are individual, aesthetic and economical can be developed", says Dr. Dirk Deppe, Managing Director of Deppe Backstein-Keramik GmbH.

Prefabricated brick facades have been around for many years. However, the use of brick in such constructions has so far only been possible with great effort. The water-struck brick developed by Deppe under the product name Dovetail has two star-shaped depressions in the middle. These serve to accommodate the liquid concrete within the precast construction. This ensures the best possible interlocking of construction and stone.

"An interlocking of the previously used bricks with the liquid concrete was only possible with additional manual processing of the bricks on the construction site", adds Bernd Deppe. The bricks were cut so that parts of them could no longer be used.

This is different with Deppe's Dovetail: once cut lengthwise, it provides two usable visible sides, so that the entire brick can be used in the construction and resources are being saved. "Additional cutting work on the construction site and subsequent adjustments for interlocking are not necessary," Bernd Deppe explains the advantages.

A further special feature of the brick is that it can also be cut crosswise and used in the head bond, which will give even greater freedom of design in the area of precast constructions. 

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