P-Line: Sustainable alternative to reduction-fired waterstruck bricks

We have developed a product that offers the aesthetic advantages and colour spectrum of reduction-fired bricks, but can be produced more sustainably and faster. The result is our new P-line. Fired only once instead of twice, P-Line facing bricks can be produced in a wide range of colours, but feature a significantly simplified, less energy-intensive production process and better brick quality.

There are almost no limits to the colour spectrum: from grey-green to blue to orange, everything is possible. We can now create colours that could not be achieved before. The clay is completely coloured after only one firing process and still retains the appearance of a reduction-fired brick. The bricks are made of 100% ecological raw material, are durable and can be recycled as well as downcycled after their initial use. 

Status quo: reduction-fired bricks
For technical reasons, producing reduction-fired bricks can only take place at two different locations, using special kilns. All this makes reduction-fired bricks expensive. They have to be transported twice, packaged twice and require two firing processes.  Apart from the cost factor, a lot of energy is required for their production. And last but not least, the two firing processes are detrimental to the quality of reduction-fired bricks e.g. with regard to their water absorption.

The new alternative: P-line bricks
The waterstruck bricks of our P-line are processed with special additives. To achieve the colours of reduction-fired bricks, one firing process in the kiln is sufficient. Double transportation as well as double packaging are obsolete and energy consumption is significantly reduced. As for the quality: P-line bricks achieve clinker standard.

Photos: Andre Sobott