Building cavity walls with brick

The cavity wall consists of three layers. Each takes on an important function and together they combine the robustness of the solid exterior wall with triple thermal protection:


  • The back wall is the load-bearing wall.
  • The insulation layer forms the buffer zone between the outside and inside climate. It can be up to 20 cm thick. A thicker insulation layer does not increase the energy-saving effect any further.
  • The facing brick made of frost-resistant brick or clinker forms the outer façade and permanently protects the insulation layer and the rear wall from all weather and environmental influences. It also has a temperature-balancing effect, i.e. it keeps out the heat in summer and cools down more slowly in winter. A cavity wall consisting of facing bricks (11.5 cm), an insulation layer (10 cm) and a back wall (15 cm) is less than 40 cm thick: quality insulation with slender walls is possible and even the passive house standard can be achieved.