Manufacturing method/product characteristics

Our bricks, stock, extruded or water-struck, have raw material and production-related properties. 

They are ceramic products formed from natural raw materials such as clay and fired at temperatures of over 1000°. 

The products may therefore, in deviation from the relevant DIN standards, contain material-related enclosures and may show a deviation in the right-angled prismatic formation of the mould, especially of the heads, due to the production-related rotation of the mould table.

Deviations from the nominal dimensions, deformations and colour variations may occur. 

Due to production conditions, the surface can have a heterogeneous design, such as structures, uneven surfaces with depressions and grooves, edges that do not run in a straight line, spalling, cracks and hairline cracks, with flashing marks and soot marks, scars, dents as well as bulges in the surface and unformed corners. 

These deviations are part of the normal appearance of our bricks and part of their natural appeal. The occurrence and frequency of these characteristics cannot be controlled and is purely coincidental during the production process. Each brick is unique.

The deviations mentioned above do not reduce the quality of the stone and do not result in susceptibility to frost damage. All products are frost-resistant. 

As far as we have pointed out deviations in the quality (sources: offer, brochure or internet) or this quality is not contractually agreed, we do not assume any warranty for these deviations.

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