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Architecture: Sabo Architekten, Hannover
Photos: Olaf Mahlstedt

Shortlisted for the Erich Mendelsohn Prize 2023 for Brick Architecture.

By integrating two residential complexes with 15 residential units, architetcts sabo Architekten BDA wereable to sustainably expand a listed complex in Hanover Bemerode. Special attention was paid to aesthetic design and a high standard of living. The balanced arrangement of the new buildings is oriented in dimension and design to the existing historic barns with sloping roofs. Red clinker brickwork, grouted in red, enhances the monolithic effect of the buildings and thus reinforces the harmonious ensemble effect. The strict structuring of the façades and arrangement of the windows contrasts with the relief-like profiled masonry surfaces that extend over all sides of the façade and on which the sun's rays stage a play of light and shadow. Functionally well thought-out residential units, which differ in size and shape, consistently continue the design aspirations in the interior. With a future-oriented use of building services, it was possible to achieve reasonable investment and maintenance costs with affordable rents.