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"At the very top, seemingly far away, where the light glows light blue, it is strongly tapered, with each step it becomes wider and the blue wall color more saturated in tone, interrupted only by deep window niches through which the sunlight falls and fully brings the scene to life with its reflections. Until a real living being, a person, enters the staircase at the top landing and destroys the illusion in one fell swoop with its height. The supposedly eternally high staircase turns out to be a small staircase with 66 steps. Welcome to the new German Romantic Museum where the ordinary is transformed, made exciting and thrilling until the illusion is shattered," writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the staircase of the Romantic Museum in Frankfurt.

A wonderful description of our work. We would like to thank Christoph Mäckler for the great cooperation and trust.

Architecture: Christoph Mäckler Architects, Frankfurt/Main
Photo: Alexander Paul Englert Photography