Renovation with bricks

Brick as a natural and traditional building material is perfectly suited to restore the charm of older buildings. And Deppe bricks with their natural colours and different forms offer creative freedom for innovative facade design. We do traditional as well as modern – Deppe bricks are adorning the facades of detached houses but can also  be found in award-winning modern architecture all over Europe.

If you’re renovating a rendered house a second skin is added to the building envelope. This involves applying a new insulation layer to the existing wall and then laying a brick facade parallel to it. The result is a new cavity wall. Adding a second skin means that the old load-bearing walls are no longer exposed to the weather. Cavity walls protect the inner skin and the insulation layer from the weather, including even the heaviest downpours. The insulation layer acts as a buffer zone.

Not only do buildings with a cavity wall construction retain their value better than, say, rendered buildings, but the all-round protection from the weather helps to preserve the structure of the building, reduces energy consumption, enhances the internal environment and reduces maintenance costs. Maintenance costs for cavity walls over a period of decades are virtually nil. They don’t need painting or re-rendering. A brick facade is more or less indestructible.

Renovating with bricks is also the best option when it comes to saving energy. The  insulation layer in the cavity wall reduces energy comsumption and heating costs by up to two thirds.

We will be happy to advise you in choosing your perfect brick for your personal renovation project. Please get in touch with us. 

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