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joint colour :
Frontansicht Klinker 144k
Frontansicht Ziegel 144k
Detailansicht Verblender 144k
Detailansicht Backstein 144k
Backsteintafel von Produkt 144k NF

Dimensions: 240 x 115 x 71 mm
Extruded brick

Further sizes available on request.

Weight (kg): 2,7
Required quantity per m²: 48
Pallet quantity: 416
Void area (%): < 35% 
Water absorption (M.-%): < 6% 
Density (kg/dm³): 1,5
Compressive strength (N/mm²): > 32

Compressive strength, density and water absorption according to DIN EN 771

Slips, solid bricks and shaped bricks available.
Other formats on request.
Reversed and mixed face configurations on request.

Colours of the illustrations may differ from those of the original products due to the manufacturing process and printer or display settings.