Our local team

Order processing and shipping

Ingo Bartels
Phone: +495942.9210-19

Ingo Bartels has been part of the team since 2019 and answers all your questions about our product range, orders and deliveries.

[Translate to Englisch:] Expertin für Klinker und Backstein: Anna Schwieters

Anna Schwieters 
Phone: +495942.9210-11 

Anna Schwieters is most likely the one who welcomes you when you contact us by phone. She speaks English fluently.

[Translate to Englisch:] Expertin für Klinker und Backstein: Anja Duling

Anja Duling
Phone: +495942.9210-12

Anja Duling supports you in all aspects concerning order processing. Anja is fluent in Polish, Russian and English.

Brick expert: Matthias Andrée

Matthias Andrée
Phone: +495942.9210-0 

Matthias Andrée is responsible for all issues relating to production planning.

Kristin Beerlink 
Phone: +495942.9210-14 

Kristin Beerlink has successfully completed her training with us and will be happy to provide you with competent advice and assistance.

Jannik Platte 
Phone: +495942.9210-33

Jannik Platte is one of our trainees.


Tim Zittlau 
Phone: +495942.9210-20

Our latest addition to the team: Tim Zittlau is one of our trainees.


Lea Venneklaas
Phone: +495942.9210-35

Lea does a one-year internship with us.



Marketing / Accounting

Marketing: Gina Preuschoff

Gina Preuschoff
Phone: +495942.9210-18; +49 173 9984522

Gina Preuschoff takes care of all marketing issues, from external communication to event organisation. She speaks English, French and Dutch.

Accountant: Benny Bartels

Benny Bartels
Phone: +495942.9210-15

Without money nothing works for us either. Benny Bartels takes care of all financial issues and does the bookkeeping.


Production Manager: Jürgen Lucas

Jürgen Lucas 
Phone: +495942.9210-0

As production manager Jürgen Lucas ensures that everything runs according to plan.

Sascha Rosemann
Phone: +495942.9210-0

As Technical Manager, Sascha Rosemann keeps an eye on all technical processes and ensures that our plant is equipped with the latest technology.


Dr. Dirk Deppe

Dr. Dirk Deppe 
Phone: +495942.9210-0

Since 2009 Dirk Deppe has been leading the family business in the 5th generation.

Benjamin Koops

Benjamin Koops 
Phone: +495942.9210-0

As assistant to the management and authorised signatory, Benjamin Koops keeps on top of things.