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Architect: e4 Architekten

Photos: Stefan Brückner

The Josefzentrum in Greven near Münster has become an inviting and lively meeting place for parishioners, clubs and associations. The new church hall with adjoining, individually usable areas has been built on the site of the former St. Joseph's Church. Many elements of the previous building, erected in 1953, such as the rosette on the rear steeple, a wooden relief of St. Joseph or the stone cross from the choir room, have been preserved and integrated into the building. 

The new building presents itself with a clear architectural language and thus sets a striking accent in the area that is  dominated by family homes. The building establishes a connection to traditional sacred buildings through its pointed gable roof. In a harmonious design, exposed concrete, bricks and glass characterise the exterior appearance of the ensemble. From a distance, the lightly grouted brickwork appears almost beige to white. Only on closer inspection does the red shard of the white-washed water-struck brick become visible.